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If You’re Selling Insurance You Have to Talk Dirty!

Why? Because nobody wants to buy insurance.

Have you ever met anyone that said they wanted to buy insurance? Probably not.

Why is this? Because they think they are immortal, or more likely, they have never faced their own mortality. Because of this they can’t see the need for life insurance. This is why you have to get down and talk dirty to them – make them face reality.

I learned this many years ago from a veteran Million Dollar Round Table member, who put it like this, “You have to drag up the hearse and make them smell the flowers.”

Is selling life insurance, a rational or an emotional transaction? If it were a purely rational transaction a lot of people would volunteer to buy it, however if you don’t bring the clients emotions into play, the rational aspect does not get considered.

As an example, try asking a number of businessmen what their most valuable asset is. My experience tells me that and the majority of them will say “It’s my business” “My yacht ” or “my beautiful house” None of these answers is true. These are the common misconceptions most people have about their assets. The truth is their most valuable asset is their own Life.

Now it is down to you. You are the one who has to talk them through this, they won’t do this on their own. You have to point out that their life is the one asset that supports everything else, their business, their income and their families.

Make them see that it is their life, their presence, their skill and their work that created the company, and without that life, the company, all the other assets they own and their family’s welfare is at risk. Look any business owner in the eye and ask this question, What would happen to your business today, if you had died last night?

Prompt him with follow-up points like,

Once the bank learns of your death, they will freeze your account, at least until they are sure that the business can continue without your control.

Is there someone ready and able to pick up the pieces without loss to the company?

Will all your long-term clientèle continue to trade with the company if you’re not around?

The average businessman is so preoccupied with running his business on a day to day basis they never stop to face the reality.

So it is up to you to face them with their own mortality.

When you do, you will see their pain but as we all know there is no gain without pain.


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