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Insurance Agency Marketing – At Home Real Estate Auction Events

Despite what everyone thinks insurance agents are not an industry that is totally unaffected by a recession. Sure, folks have to have insurance on the things they own or the high-ticket items that they borrow money on, but realize when the economy slows down fewer people are buying fewer things and this slows down the rate of new clientele that need insurance.

In the insurance business it is important to continually be signing up new customers especially in weak economic cycle downturns. After all, when the new business dries up, when fewer people are buying new homes or moving into an area, that means that attrition will slowly reduce the ranks of insured clients. So, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards.
Now then, think of where buyers of large ticket items are during such tough times? Well, they are shopping the foreclosure listings, looking for buyers who have purchased “short sales” or are hanging around Real Estate Auction. Thus, it makes sense to go and talk with the promoters of real estate home auctions and try to get a booth set up at the event.
Passing out flyers and information to prospective buyers whether they buy a home at the auction or not is very wise and those people who do purchase properties, they know that those properties must be insured too. This is a win/win for everyone, because the insurance agent is in front of real potential buyers of insurance, the buyers of the property will be in need of insurance and it helps the auction promoters sell more real estate. Please consider all this.


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