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Insurance Agency Marketing Tip #10

Insurance Agents often see a lot of competition in their local community markets and each one fights for new customers. Even long-standing agencies that have been in the community for years must compete and many newer agencies are quite aggressive in attracting new clientele and signing new policies.

These new insurance agencies use all the latest techniques online and out in the community doing grass-roots campaigns.They volunteer in the town or community and really work hard at establishing their new agency and getting known.
One of the best ways to attract new insurance customers is to go after the new folks moving into the area, as they do not have any long-term 20-year or more relationship established with an agent. But how can you get with these new move-in clients? Well, one way is to become involved with a local New Comers Club or to find and establish a networking relationship with a company that specializes in distributing coupon books of all the best local businesses to new folks moving into the area.
New Comers Clubs are excellent in that they generally go and personally meet with new people, which have moved in and explain all the wonderful things available in the city; nothing beats a personal meeting. Giving away a free coffee mug or some other needed item with your logo on it, can do wonders indeed.
For coupon books one of the best things to give away is a “Free” insurance coverage audit. Giving a complete print out of risks and types of insurance available and their costs will tremendously help the new resident and help establish you as a valuable information resource, so please consider this.


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