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Insurance Email Newsletters Services – Internet Insurance Advertising Promotion Savings

Insurance email newsletters services of others is overlooked. Instead high cost internet insurance advertising promotion costs are incurred with internet ads. Find how insurance email newsletters can save big bucks on website insurance advertising promotion.

When you first build your insurance website, you will not immediately receive any large amount of visitors arriving to take a look around. That means to get traffic you are going to have to buy internet insurance advertising promotion. This report will explain that an excellent alternative to Google’s pay per click advertising is by investing less in insurance email newsletter services that your prospective clients may already be receiving.

GOOGLE PAY PER CLICK This is the route that many website owners seeking leads or product sales will take. It is a relatively easy process to set up. This begins with bidding to be on the right side of the front page on a keyword phrase, and then paying Google each and every time. For an insurance agency this bidding could become expensive. Take the keyword phrase, “low cost term insurance”. To be in the top 5 spots will require bidding over $50.00. That means each time someone gets the urge to click, they are taken to your website and you are billed $50.00

LOWER GOOGLE COSTS CONSIDERABLY Build a list of 50 word key phrases, that would apply to your product. Using insurance again look at some possible keyword phrases. These might include “buy term insurance Davenport Iowa”, “term insurance for smokers Davenport”, “Iowa best term insurance rates”, decreasing term life insurance Davenport, and “find inexpensive term insurance Davenport”. Bidding to receive these more refined keywords should cost between 50 cents and a $1.50 to get a top 3 position.

WHAT YOU SPEND MONTHLY FOR GOOGLE ADS Let’s say you placed 40 keyword phrases and an average bid of $1.00 each. If a total of 500 people clicked on your keyword ads you would have a bill that month for $500. You would likely receive a combination of curiosity sneakers, competitors, and somewhat interested people clicking. If 1% of them found what they were looking for, you would receive 5 leads for prospective sales. That would equal spending $50 each for each prospective client. This is a hefty cost for internet website insurance advertising.

INSURANCE EMAIL NEWSLETTER SERVICES Here you do not necessary go to an internet website already promoting insurance products. An exception would be a site promotion financial and insurance information.You make an internet search for “newsletter email ads”. Remember that another replacement term for newsletter is ezine.You will find websites handling the email accounts of people in the following 4 categories. The website owners want for you to place a small ad to people that have opted-in to receiving Emails from them. The first group would be those who have built a list of at least 1,000 responders to receive their personal email message or newsletter. Next are those people giving approval to receive Ezines, electronic email messages. Third are those who may have recently purchased a product. Last are those on an large email list, up to 500.00 who will consider looking at offers presented to them. Use your discretion to determine if their readers might be insurance buyers.

COSTS FOR EMAIL NEWSLETTER ADS The ads actual cost vary widely . However most are based on three factors. These are how many thousands of people will receive your insurance advertising promotion ad, and how many ads total, will be shown and space position of your ad. You can usually target who receives your email. For example you might choose a category like business and finance to increase the quality of site visitor. If your ad went to 300,000 people for $160 and 1% went to your website that would be 300 higher grade visitors. With an average 7% then wanting more insurance info, you have 21true leads. As a result you spent less than $8 per lead.

ADDITIONAL EMAIL NEWSLETTER AD BENEFITS With Google you have only 2 very short lines for your ad. Most newsletters allow you 5 longer lines. This means you have room to offer a free Ebook, Information Guide, or Mini-Course. This makes your ad more irresistible to receptive people you have previously signed up to receive the newsletter. Also larger Ezines and Newsletters keep an archive of previous issues. You benefit by having additional response come in months later. Plus 95% of your responses are instantly seen by you.

CONCLUSION: You often make more money doing what everyone else is not doing. Give insurance email newsletters a try. Our conservative comparison shows sales leads increasing over 400%. And using the sale closing ratio, your sales from your insurance advertising promotion would also be increased by more than 4 times as much. You need website visitors, get them this unique, cost-effective way.


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