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Insurance Producers – What Business Are You In?

You probably think that’s a pretty stupid question. You’re in the insurance and investment business. Oh, really?

Veteran producers who have figured out what business they’re in recognize your naivety and empathize because they were in your shoes when they first started too. This isn’t a problem specific or unique to the insurance industry. It’s a problem faced by every new service provider.

The business you think you’re in and the business you’re really in are two very different businesses. To help you better understand what I mean I want to use a generic example. For simplicity assume that white boxes represent any policies or financial instruments you might sell.

You’re excited about your new business. You want to control your own destiny, and you want to earn a good living doing it. To make that happen you have to find people to buy your white boxes.

When you meet prospective new clients and they ask what you do you reply you sell white boxes. Somehow no one is impressed. When they ask what these white boxes do you eagerly tell them how these white boxes are the answer to everything.

When you meet with prospective clients and ask questions you’re listening for which white box would be best for that particular prospect. As soon as you identify the right white box you present it as the solution your prospect needs. Then you can’t figure out why they don’t want to buy your white box, indeed a very perplexing problem.

In spite of your good intentions you’re making it far more difficult to sell insurance than it needs to be. People don’t want white boxes. They don’t want to be told what they need. They don’t want to be shoved in a white box like everyone else.

Selling insurance gets a whole lot easier when you understand you aren’t in the business of selling white boxes. You’re in the business of helping your clients get the outcomes, results, and solutions they’re already looking for. Trying to create a need is a recipe for disaster.

Fulfilling a need that already exists is a recipe for immediate and long-lasting success. What business are you really in? You’re in the business of knowing what your best prospects already know they want and need. You’re in the business of helping them articulate the solution they want, and then showing them exactly how they can get it. You’re in the business of turning challenges into fulfilled outcomes.


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