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Insurance Trainee – Your Insurance Hiring Interview

You have just read this incredible advertisement on becoming an insurance trainee. You call in and hope they will interview you. Upon doing so, the insurance firm gives you an immediate time to come in and meet with one of the insurance career sales managers. You of course are thrilled about this tremendous opportunity and already have eyes spelling dollars.

On the phone, you are provided with directions to a modern building, located in an affulent suburb not far from the big city. Upon entering the office you feel immediately impressed. Expect to wait 15 to 45 minutes to see the insurance career sales manager, who at the time is “very busy, and needs a few minutes to finish up”. This builds up your anxiety and you glance around at various pictures of the glamorous home office building. Finally, the office secretary escorts you to the manager’s office.

Immediately, you are surprised at how young he or she is. This in your mind means reaching success after a very short time period. So the newspaper ad must be true. The manager’s office wall is plastered with a couple dozen framed paper certificates giving an impression of extreme knowledge. The interview is brief, almost just an expansion of the ad. So many green fields of opportunity that are so easy to conquer. That is, if you are one of the selected. You are told it sounds like you might have the potential the insurance company is looking for. The office will call you in the next week if you are selected for a second interview.

After a few days of anticipation, the insurance office secretary calls you to schedule the second (and deciding) interview to become an insurance trainee. This time the insurance career sales manager, assigned to you, takes a different approach. Often a preprinted form with questions and likely answers is pulled out. The manager asks about 15 or so questions and you provide the best answer. Once you provide your response, the sales manager secretly notes your choice. You are asked a few other questions regarding present and past employment, plus the big one. Why would you want to be an insurance trainee, and what skills and goals do you have?

Now you are escorted back to the waiting room while the manager evaluates your results. Expect at least a half hour wait. Presto! Returned to manager’s office you are informed you have been selected. Details about state licensing and pre-training requirements are given. On the way home you are floating on cloud nine.

How about some bubble busters coming from a former career insurance sales manager and 35 year successful insurance and marketing advisor?

1. Close to 100% of the people that answer the ad are presented an initial interview.

2. 85% of the people that show up for the 1st interview are called back for the second interview

3. Of those given the second interview, 80% are awarded the chance to become an insurance trainee

4. The insurance sales manager is young, and probably has less than 4 years experience. More likely 2 years or even less.

5. All the certificates on the sales manager’s office were easy to obtain. I had been rewarded just under 50 in a year and a half. My certificates frames were just as valuable.

6. Career insurance sales managers must constantly acquire insurance trainee after insurance trainee. Before 18 months expire at least 85% of the trainees will be gone.

DECIDE IF YOUR INTERVIEW WAS A SLICK MARKETING PLOY. Next determine if you personally have what it takes to be one of the very few to not be held back by anything, including the insurance company you represent.


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