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Is Affiliate Marketing A Get Rich Scheme?

Millions of people these days want to get into internet marketing for 2 reasons:

1. They know there are loads of people on the internet and hence they think all they need to do is stick a product on a website and hey presto, everyone wants to buy it.

2. They like the idea of making money without getting out of bed.

Successful Internet marketers however start because they want to make serious money on line and understand that to make serious money you need to take the “business” seriously.

Getting Started

The first question most people ask when they decide that Internet Marketing is something they want to get involved in is “what product do I sell.”

This is a critical question and there are 3 approaches:

1. You make your own product.

2. You get someone to make a product for you.

3. You become an affiliate of an established product.

Most “newbies” decide on affiliate marketing because:

1. It is free to get started.

2. You can predict your success as other affiliates are already selling the product

Whatever the case you have to research the niche and the product thoroughly because not all products/niches sell as well as each other.

Get Rich Quick

Warning! Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes strategy, time and persistence. The thing is, if you do it right you can make a huge amount of money but the key is running it like a business. This means setting goals, having plans and targets, spending money on tools which will help you.

The truth is that most affiliate marketers don’t make more than $100 a month and that’s because they start with the wrong attitude or understanding of what is required to be successful as an affiliate marketer. They think that they can stick up a sales page, banner ads or send out a few emails offering no value and then they wonder why nothing happens. The art to making a full time income as an affiliate marketer is simple:

· Get a good offer/product

· Build a quality web page/sales page which converts

· Drive lots of high quality traffic to the page

· Take Action And Persevere Relentlessly

If you do want to get involved then the last point is the most important one because the first few months won’t be easy as you learn about all the things you need to do to be successful. You may only even make a few bucks but if you persevere and put into practice what you have learnt the money will start flowing. Once it does you will be hooked and best of all if you set it up right the money will come in on autopilot.

Autopilot affiliate status the holy grail, just like any business, if it has strong foundations then it gets a whole lot easier really quickly. That’s why it is critical to do all that hard work upfront because if you do and you keep abreast of changes in the market, you may have commissions for years to come without any real on-going work.

Beware of the Gurus

There is loads of good info out there from some great and successful people so make sure you use them. My sincere advise, however is that as soon as you hear a Guru, say:

Done for you

Turn key

Business in a box

Click and go

No work at all

Make gazillions an hour from tonight, RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK or at least be aware that if you want to make serious money there will be work.

As the old saying goes you don’t get something for nothing, so be prepared for work but also be prepared for a life changing business experience if you do it right.


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