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Kids Summer Camps – Get a Car Title Loan to Get Them Out of the House

Arizona is a beautiful state with lots of great summer activities for kids to explore in summer programs. There are a plethora of sports, wilderness, and ranch, and music, religious and other fun and educational camps offered throughout the state.

From basketball camp in Phoenix to Camp Jam, a Rock and Roll camp in Scottsdale, there’s no end to the entertainment options for your kids. Unfortunately, however, of these programs cost money, something most people are in short supply of these days. And if your credit is less than perfect, finding the extra financial help you need for the special things you’d like to do for your kids can be difficult.

Luckily, Arizona also is the home of various title loan companies to help. A title loan provides the extra money you need to send your kids to camp, as well as for other expenses, with no credit check and no exorbitant interest rates. They even offer larger sums up front than many other types of short-term loans.

A car title loan is a secured loan, which is not only more appealing to lenders, but also easier to obtain. Often this is as easy as filling out a few forms on the internet. You can usually be approved and receive your money in a day or two.

Secured loans such as title loans are considered safer for lenders, because something is put up for collateral, in this case, a vehicle, so they have less to worry about in instances where the debt isn’t paid off. To qualify for an AZ title loan, all you have to have is an automobile. The car must be paid off and the title under your name.

Many companies offer up to 50 percent of the car’s value, and you keep the car while you pay the agreed amount back. It’s a win-win situation ideal for those with less than stellar credit backgrounds. Of course, it’s important to understand the terms of any loan you enter into.

Title loan companies make applying easy, but it’s up to you to understand whether you can meet the terms of the agreement. It’s also a good idea to shop around at various companies to find the best rates. Since many of these companies offer their services online, shopping and comparing is pretty easy.

So maybe summer camp for your kids can be a reality this summer. They get a great vacation, and with them out of the house, you do too. Instead of spending their days watching cartoons, playing video games, and whining that they’re bored, they can be learning about ranch life, exploring the wilderness, learning to play rock music or perfecting their basketball, volleyball, baseball or swimming skills.

There are programs available for kids or all ages and interests, as well as day, overnight and weekly camps. Your children can meet new friends, learn new skills and gain a new understanding of the world while gaining independence. And not all summer camp experiences have to break the bank.

The YMCA offers an array of great programs at locations throughout the state, with financing help for those who need it. They offer ranch, adventure, family and even environmental service camps for teens at the Grand Canyon. So go ahead, find an adventure for your child and a little break for yourself as well.


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