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Learning From The Best Affiliate Marketers

Who are the best affiliate marketers? Not surprisingly, it’s difficult to tag just 3 affiliate marketers because many are of them are doing so well and you could too. The key is to know what the successful affiliate marketers keep doing to stay on top and then to do those exact same things.

Be Aware That Affiliate Marketing is Not a Get-Rich Scheme

It’s easy to get caught in a trap that makes you think the money will keep rolling in with little effort. Affiliate marketing can give you great returns on your time investment but it is never going to give you a consistent pay check. According to Blake Bidar who works with Swell Guy and Adknowledge, “those guys who take exotic vacations from their earnings with an affiliate program know how to use their time on the Internet well. They earn their profits over time by staying knowledgeable about new trends and studying the business, and then choosing products they have an affinity with”.

Put Up Your Own Website

Although you will be told that an affiliate marketer does not need his own website, it will eventually work in your favor should you decide to join more than one affiliate program. Furthermore, you can market yourself along with your product and build your business image and brand.

A link to promote an affiliate product can help you earn an average income but a website with more content and information about the product can bring your income to a career high. By building your own site and posting reviews, relevant articles, content, testimonials, and FAQs, you establish your site as an authority site. One that provides quality information to its visitors. You can also be creative about branding your website so that you’re marketing for the long term rather than for the next 6 months.

Having a website is also a more permanent commitment to the affiliate program even if you can switch programs at any time.

Be Responsive

Nothing can turn off customers easier than an unresponsive seller. With competition being so tight, there’s no such thing as friendship, family, and loyalty if a customer feels slighted and ignored. The top affiliate marketers highly recommend that you create your autoresponder app to answer queries about the product you are marketing. About 60% of your work as an affiliate marketer will go to waste if you fail to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Plus, the chances of them ever returning to your website drops to almost zero when they feel slighted.

Keep Content Fresh and Exciting

Regardless of what you are selling, the content on your website or ads should always be borderline manic – this means it should be new, fresh, exciting, and intriguing so much so that it creates a need to buy your affiliate product. Those reading your marketing content should wonder at the very least about buying the product. Your content should also make people want to subscribe to your website or be willing to be part of your emailing list.

In conclusion, if you want to be a successful marketer, follow advice from other successful affiliate marketers – affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and requires time and effort, building an authority site is paramount to your success and always respond to your customers. After all, they are your bread and butter and will purchase from your competitor in a heartbeat!


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