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LOT-702 – IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 System Administration

About LOT-702 Exam:

The LOT-702 Exam is for system administrators who are new to Domino and need to plan, install, setup and manage Domino 7 servers and users.

Industry value of LOT-702 Exam:

This IBM certification is both a journey and a destination. This certification validates skills of a professional and demonstrates his or her proficiency in the latest technology and solutions. The certification has very high industry value and it has wide acceptance globally and these certified professionals are high in demand in market.

Job benefits of LOT-702 Exam:

Different job benefits are available to these professionals depending upon tasks or projects they are handling, applications they are using and their level of experience such as:

For a Sales Manger, it is crucial to remain organized, professional and connected even when faced with tight deadlines, challenging sales goals and pressure from employers.

For an IT manager, it is important to be accountable to its employer who expects to keep IT cost low and resources running efficiently.

IBM Exam course:

There are some online and offline courses for this LOT-702 Exam. Courses can be done in authorized training centers where IBM of resources are available like e-books, self test soft wares etc. Courses outlines are installation and configuration, mail, manage and maintaining IBM Domino 7.

Study tip for LOT-702 Exam:

During your exam preparation, it is important that you review the exam guide regularly to make sure that all of the materials in the guide are covered in your choice of preparation methods. There is a lot of information about this particular online, you can look over several website and get the idea about the study material and other things that you can take the benefit.

Recommendations for LOT-702 Exam:

Using a variety of resources is highly recommended in order to prepare for this LOT-702. Practical experience and prerequisite skills are needed in:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Mail and messaging
  • Management and maintenance
  • Management of services
  • Defining Domino attributes
  • Understanding, configuring, and managing security


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