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Make Emotions Your Allies – Part I

“I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew: Their names are ‘What’ and ‘Why’ and ‘When’ and ‘How’ and ‘Where’ and ‘Who’.’
~ Rudyard Kipling

In insurance business, you can get six powerful friends to help you switch to higher gear. They are passion, appreciation, optimism, fear, anger and vengeance.

When you are in insurance sales activities, you can be on a roller coaster ride of emotions and hope. You may experience a concoction of positive and negative emotions.

Positive emotions such as joy, hope, optimism, love, and gratitude facilitate communication and foster problem solving, creativity and respect for others’ perspectives.

Negative emotions consist of anger, jealousy, fear, and resentment that can consume us, cloud our judgment and leave us incapable of focusing on anything else.

Although negative emotions are always associated with failure, if the energy from negative emotions is generated and channeled properly, it can strengthen one’s commitment and help achieve breakthroughs.

The following 6 emotions can help you turbo charge your performance:

(a) Passion

Be passionate about what you are doing. If you love your insurance sales business, you don’t just do the minimum that is required of you; you do more. You will see more prospects and talk to more customers. You are willing to get up early for you can’t wait for another second to do the job you love so much.

You passion leads to creativity. You will explore new ides to help your insurance prospects solve their problems. You are looking for ways to make your sales job more fun. You will add more variety to your daily routine.

(b) Appreciation

We are always blessed to be able to wake up every morning. Everyday is a new day and there are things lined up to surprise us. Being alive and kicking is something most of us fail to appreciate, not until we realize that not many people have the luxury to wake up every morning.

Ironically, things we take for granted tend to inspire us the most. We should always be grateful to our customers for they are the ones who support and trust us. They choose to become our customers because they believe we will be in the insurance business long enough to service them.

Whenever we are down or dejected or at the verge of giving up, think of our customers for they are the reason why we should stay in the business. They are the ones who have faith in us that we can continue to do well in the business.

(c) Optimism

Be optimistic. Pessimists see problems. Optimists see opportunities.

If you are optimistic, you always see possibilities, explore solutions and take action. Having an optimistic outlook is especially important in time of crisis when other people see stumbling blocks; you see building blocks that can bring you to the next level of success.

Recession, depression or economic downturn is only a state of mind. There are opportunities in every crisis. Once you rise above the cloud you will see the sun. Get out of the box and you will able to interpret the situation in a broader perspective


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