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New Agent Tips – Confident, Collected, in Control

It has been pointed out in many of my articles, and by a few other authors, that too much reliance is put on the insurance company and their agency that hired you. They can teach you the way they want to learn. But with a failure rate of 85% in 18 months, it shows the insurance company route is not the most reliable. As a new agent you must become confident, collected, and in control as fast as you can.

Do you want to be one of the six out of 100 life and health insurance agents that survive and later prosper?

Then read on, it will be worth it. I have been in your shoes. My do “not follow the etched in stone rules”, started early in school and through college. Fortunately, they continued for 4 decades of my prosperous sales and marketing career. My “change the rules” attitude, is what changed my income.

Here are tips that will give you those selling skills without the assistance of your insurance sales manager. You also do not need any company provided information resources. This especially includes your company presentation book, and the uncomfortable speech you were forced to learn.

CONFIDENCE Your insurance sales manager is the worst source of confidence. You will be hounded how it was always your fault if a sales was not made. You did not fight off the objection the correct way; you gave up before taking enough no answers, and so on. If you made a sale, you will be knocked down for getting referrals, preferably at least three. If you are not giving enough presentations, you are criticized for your phone tactics. Lastly, you will be told the road to success is making more and more phone calls.

Free advice. Your sales manager is no raging success. He is usually an expert at hammering down your confidence and instilling fear. If he were using the same insurance selling methods as you, his closing average would be less than 50%. That is sub-par for any insurance professional. Do not seek him for advice!

Confidence is something that you obtain. The main way to obtain confidence is to get rid of your fears. Usually that fear is rejection, the prospect is going to ask something you don’t know, or you get so many no replies, that your already low confidence is defeated. Starting today, start developing a winning attitude. Tell yourself repeatedly you are going to make the sale, and I do mean repeatedly. You cannot say it enough. Read articles or book excerpts on confidence, attitude, and will power. DO NOT rely on your insurance company.

COLLECTED Being collected in insurance terminology means being properly prepared. Remember that I told you to throw out your insurance presentation manual and insurance trainee speech. You MUST develop your own presentation talk or your client will not be confident of you. No need to extensively talk about your insurance company, there are over 600 other active life and health insurers. Your client really does not care. You have to find out what your clients emotions are. Take care of filling the emotions, and only then will the client be interested in what you are offering.

You are there to offer a service of taking care of providing a solution to closing the emotion needs. Nothing more! Start writing a very flexible emotion presentation. List all the major emotions (6), and how you can tailor talking to each different one. You are a problem solver working with the client. Your presentation must be worded properly, and you must ask questions about their emotional needs. Until you try it, you will not believe it. .You will then have prospects actually selling themselves!

IN CONTROL So many insurance trainees fight with the prospect for control of the interview. Handling objections becomes a battle. If you are already confident and collected, you rarely have objections. You immediately start control by saying, “Can we all sit here by this table?” Next, do a short introduction by complimenting them on a hobby collection, or a unique piece of furniture or object. Let them express why they like the piece. They now like you, just because of the compliment.

You have they primed to answer your questions and throw very few back at you. Your confidence told you, that you are going to walk out with a sale made, not do it. Remember you never fail, but learn more.

Free Advice. Ask your prospects if you can show them two alternatives. After presenting, ask “Which of these two fits you best, the economy plan or the higher security plan?” A very easy, no pressure close that often results in the high premium plan chosen.

CONGRATULATE YOURSELF FREQUENTLY Without outside assistance, you are mastering three major selling skills of high confidence, conquering and mastering a very collective presentation, and staying in control of the presentation. Very few insurance agents even attempt this self-made road map.


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