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Online Car Title Loan – What to Keep in Mind When Applying For One

If you need money quickly, there are a variety of online car title companies who can lend you money and allow you to place your car, as well as your truck, boat, jet skis or motorcycle as collateral.

If you are interested in using an online car title loan company, make sure you investigate all the terms and conditions and choose a reputable company. Most of these companies do not do credit checks, which makes them especially appealing for those individuals who do not have good credit. Many times, the individuals who are targeted are those with bad credit, low income or elderly individuals.

Normally these companies make money from their high interest rates and the repossession of the car if the individual is unable to pay. These loans are usually considered short term loans, which are usually about thirty days. If the debt is not repaid, the lender can take the car and sell it to get the money back.

If you want to qualify for the online car title loan, then the first thing you need to provide is a clear title. This means there cannot be any leans on the car and that you cannot be paying a loan company back for the car. Next, the online company will ask you to fill out an application where they will ask you personal information as well as vehicle information, such as the make, model, mileage and insurance carrier.

They will also ask you how much money you will request and what you will do with the money. Then, you will have to review the rules and regulations associated with borrowing the money. Then a representative will call you to discuss your application.

The auto title lenders will make you an offer based on the fair market retail value of the car. They will check the NADA or Kelly Blue Book to determine its value and most loans are between $601 and $3000. Most companies usually loan out at least $601 dollars because you can charge higher interest rates on amounts higher than $601.

At first, a short term auto title loan may seem appealing especially if you have bad credit. However, if the loan is not investigated properly the effects can be long lasting. You can end up paying high interest rates which can range from 25% to 300%. After about a month, the lender will accept payment or allow the debt to be rolled over.

If you want to resend the deal, you usually have one day to change your mind and return the money. In most states the loan can only be rolled over a fixed amount of time. Of course, if you do not pay then the company can take away your car.

Most title loan companies allow you to use cars, trucks, van, motorcycles, boats and jet skis as collateral as a short term loan. Before making a decision about a company, make sure you shop around to find the best deals. Online car title loans are meant for subprime borrowers with bad credit. They can help you tide over a crisis, as long as you adhere to the agreement when repaying the debt.


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