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Review Your Affiliate Marketing in 2013

If you are ready to take on the challenge and bring your affiliate marketing business to the next level, you will need to revise your promotion methods in 2013. It is said that there are more opportunities and more changes in this industry than anywhere else, therefore, internet marketers need to be sensitive to the changes in the niche and resonate with their online audience. There are some trends that are likely to continue, but some will just turn back and it is important to gather niche-specific information before one would set up an affiliate marketing plan for 2013.

Reviewing the Niche

First you have to check whether you are in the right niche and if it is still as profitable as it was when you selected it. There might be a chance that there are some new opportunities that arose in some of the sub-niches and you can fulfill the need of information in a specific field. This step requires a lot of research, however, it will be much easier to diversify yourself and stand out from the crowd. Review your articles, posts and publications to see if there is anything that is extremely popular and stick to the sub-topic if possible in 2013.

Trends in Link Popularity

You need to check the trends in Google and Yahoo, as well as news sites. This will help you determine the directions of people’s interest and you will be able to understand your audience better. If people have a different approach to a problem or a new expectation for a solution you have to be able to accommodate this in order to be successful in affiliate marketing in 2013. Are you promoting the right products for the right people? If not, how can you shift the focus to bring in more conversions?

Statistical Data of 2012

Most affiliate marketers are not good at analytics. It is indeed boring to review statistics for hours. The good news is that there are some SEO statistical sites and there is Google Analytics alongside with Webmaster tools, so you do not have to spend too much time with calculations. Check if there are any trends (upwards or downwards), review the most popular links and posts to identify the pattern. Knowing what brings in the most money will help you maximize your profits with less effort.

New Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Compliance was a great issue in 2012, and it is likely that the affiliate marketing market is going to become even more regulated in the next year. Facebook ads rules have become stricter, still some advertisers say that the conversions have gone down. The layout of affiliate pages has to now include all disclaimers, and you need to tell your readers on every page that you are acting as an affiliate to cover your back. It is likely that the rules of affiliate marketing will be revised again in 2013, so you need to keep your eyes open for these changes.


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