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Sales Strategy Techniques – Closing Insurance Sales Fast

An extremely high amount of insurance reps, have yet to learn one of their most critical insurance sales strategy techniques. Since they have an insufficient number of presentations, there is so much pressure. They are under financial and confidence strain to make the sale. This leads to overloading the prospect with a vast amount of total information. The longer this continues the more likely the prospect is going to start bringing up objections.

If you want to start closing insurance sales fast, here is the thinking mistake you might be making. You think that your client need lots of information about your insurance company, about you, and of course the product that you are proposing before making a buying decision. Wrong. Realize that you have been trained and taught improperly. What does your prospect want to know? Ask yourself what you want to know about any product before you buy.


This simple insurance sales strategy is an easy technique. After you finish your complimentary introductional chit-chat, ask your prospect questions. Start with a question like “Why do you feel that _______ protection is important to you?” “Do you feel that this ________ problem should be solved if it could be done effectively at a reasonable cost?” “Is it okay if I show you a couple options that would cover what you feel are important and what benefits you would receive?”


Your prospect is going to buy on an emotion need. To achieve closing insurance sales fast you cut to the main reason you are there. You are going to guide you prospect to help close the gap, but let your prospect take part in the process. To the prospect, you are respected because you project caring about personally solving their individual needs. They want to feel more secure, happier, wealthier, or whatever THEIR need is. You have prepped them to be ready to sell themselves.


In my example questions, no time was wasted explaining who your company is, where the home office is located and showing a picture of it, how they are financially rated, and why they are better by the competition. If you were real, insurance sales pro the insurance company might be named “Fly By Night Insurance Company.” When you buy a new type of product, most times it could be named just about anything. You don’t bother to research the company making the product and its history. Same with every product ingredient and all the possible ways it might benefit you. You and your prospects both buy on emotion. Satisfy that emotion with enough buyer confidence and a purchase is made.


How many minutes does your doctor spend with you on your appointment? Questions are asked by the doctor to get a diagnosis. Then a plan of a couple options is laid out between the two. This arrangement emotionally takes care of your needs. You appointment is often closed with your doctor writing you a prescription that it going to cost you, but improve your health. You and your doctor are in a selling situation. The doctor, you have confidence in, does not waste tons of time on information overload. Is the prescription company history given, how it is rated, and how long has this product been on the market? No.

Once you have obtained their confidence, do not lose it. Stick only to explaining how your insurance plan solves the emotions they care about. Do not get into all the other tons of good things your product might do.

Time how long your average appointment is taking Remember the clock is ticking against you. Your doctor is not going to take an hour pounding out the history of influenza just to give you a flu shot. If he or she did, you would start looking elsewhere. Set your goal on cutting your presentation time down to at least half if not less. A professional’s time for giving consultation is making the most of each minute. Work on your techniques until your presentation is professional, short, and worthwhile for both you and your new client.


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