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Sales Tip: Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections

objections are the golden nuggets to every sales interaction – why?

Because if you can find out why someone is resisting, you can help and educate them on the truth.

Many people already have questions in their minds when they’re interested in buying something – however many of them won’t tell you!

You need to build a relationship with your customers, that’s the most important. Find out their needs using the consultative approach we taught you so that you can answer the real questions they have in a way that fits them.

That’s why this is the golden nugget and though people resist it, it truly is the last part of the sales interaction that will give you the truth as to where the customer is in the buying process.

Here’s the best question to ask to find out how someone is feeling about the sale or what is stopping them from asking you, please can I buy this.

Ask for the sale. Here’s the question…

The hardest one to ask…

Would you like to buy?

At some point, you need to ask for the sale.

Of course you would word it differently based on what you’re selling – like if you were selling a car you could ask, “should I go and get the keys now?” If you were selling jewellery you might ask, “should I wrap this up for you?”

You need a bold question at the right time in the sales conversation to know what they are really thinking. An honest answer gives you the opportunity to educate them on any misinformation.

Let’s say you think the sales conversation is going great – they are nodding – you are talking a lot and you think it’s a done deal… You ask for the sale and the customer says “that’s OK, I have an appointment and need to go. I will come back later” or “I need to talk with my partner, I’ll get back to you.” This usually isn’t true but is a nice way to say no thank you.

A few different truths could be going on here:

1. They might really have an appointment or need to talk with their partner.

2. They are not interested in the product which is fine and does happen but honestly they will usually tell you that – “that’s OK, it won’t do what I need it to do”… That’s an honest no for good reasons – it’s the wrong product.

3. Or they have questions, uncertainties or doubts that they didn’t tell you about.

#3 is the most common truth however the reasons will vary from don’t have the money all the way to I want it in red.

here’s a True Story:

I was selling a service that needed to be installed in your home and after I found the perfect product with the right features for this customer I asked her if she would like to go ahead with the installation. She said no; which was a bit odd as she was truly excited and really needed the product – but she said no.

So I asked the next question I’ll teach you to help you uncover these objections which was “would you mind if I asked why?”

The customer responded “because I can’t be home on Thursday.”

I asked her – “how does Friday work for you?”

She said “yes that would be great.”

Had I not asked the 2nd most important question…

“Would you mind if I ask why you said ‘no’ to the sale?”

…I would have never known that the last time she called to have services installed we were only servicing her area on Thursdays and she works on Thursdays. So she had been waiting for over 8 months to phone us to order service because that was the first Thursday she was hoping to have off and she just couldn’t wait anymore.

Amazing and this taught me the most important thing – don’t assume, just ask.

In summary – ask for the sale and if someone says no, look forward to the why? If they don’t offer the reason, kindly ask for it. If they don’t want to tell you that’s OK… However most people really want to buy and want you to help them do that… So enjoy this process – this is the true gift of sales – objections!

So I wonder – what is stopping you from changing your life?

What is $25 a month worth to you?

– how would support and education help you to create the financial dreams you have about earning a living online?

– can you taste the freedom? It takes hard work but you work hard now and still the future isn’t freedom.


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