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A lot of IT Newcomers are looking for their first break in the SAP industry by counting on a third party SAP Training program to get SAP Certification, but is it enough to get a first break just by counting on certification? I’m sure that you also have some friends who share this kind of situation.

I believe that the most important factor that you should have to get your first job in the SAP industry is by having the experience, but how can you get that experience when you don’t even get your first break? First you can try to apply for other SAP position such as SAP support, or the first tier support.

You should start from the bottom and get the experiences first, after that you can try to apply for your desire positions, I have lots of friend who are now working as a functional analyst get their first job as help desk. But from there, they learned about the SAP process in a whole and that will be a valuable experiences for you to obtain.

So does SAP certification a waste of time? I don’t think so, but if you’re still a new comer and looking for a first break, then don’t rely on that certification but trying to find a junior position jobs in SAP such as help desk for instance, after you get the experience then you can try to get your SAP certification, this will be a plus for you because you are now an experienced SAP worker.

The cost for SAP training to get your certification is very expensive, one can charge you over $3,000 for a few weeks of training and they usually don’t have any service that could give you any job position is the SAP industry, so you will likely have to find the job yourself and that certification won’t do you much good with no prior experience in the SAP industry.


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