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Squidoo for Fun and Profit

If you enjoy writing, you might want to check out Squidoo. I am a member of this online writing community and I write for both fun and profit. If you have a favorite hobby that you would like to share with the world, it is great for that.

Maybe you are a big fan of a particular TV program and you want to share your views and get comments from others. Squidoo gets millions of visitors each month and you can get your share of those. Think of it as a large community of bloggers who write about all sorts of things, whatever is on their mind. There are some things that are prohibited, but nothing that you would not expect.

Many of you are probably saying, “OK, I get the fun part, but how can I write for profit. There are many different ways people make money on this site. One of the most common is being an affiliate of Amazon and promoting their products. I will not try to explain this in detail which would be a whole other article. But there are two basic ways to make money promoting Amazon products. First, if you are presently an affiliate of Amazon, you can promote their products using your own affiliate ID.

If you are not an affiliate or you happen to live in one of the states that Amazon doesn’t allow affiliates, you can share Squidoo’s affiliate account and they will split their earnings on the products you promote. The split is 50% for you and the same for Squidoo. But they are at the highest commission level, so your split is still a respectable 4.25%.

There are also AdSense ads on all of the pages, which are called lenses. These profits are shared with those who write on Squidoo based on each sites rank. I will not try to cover all of the details here, but just know it is possible to participate in the adsense earnings.

There are some other programs that allow you to make money there. But far and away the biggest is being an affiliate of Amazon and promoting their products. You can make anywhere between 4% and 8.5% (using your own affiliate ID) depending on the number of products that are ordered and shipped as a result of your promoting their products. Some make thousands of dollars a month there.

Some ask why I would not just use my own sites, which is a good question. One important thing that I didn’t mention before, writing on Squidoo is absolutely free. Whether you write one article or 1000 articles, it is absolutely free. You do not have to purchase domain names (or renew them) and also don’t have to worry about paying for hosting either. These charges can be significant when you have your own sites. For those that end up with hundreds of these articles, the hosting of that many posts could be quite expensive.

Many of the lens masters, those who are a part of this large community also have their own sites. In fact many use this platform to promote their own sites. So you definitely do not have to choose between the two. They work very well together and can even be beneficial to each other by placing links to the other one.

I came to Squidoo mainly to make money. But I have found that I have a lot of fun there also. I have been able to share life experiences with others as well as get to know many others and read about their interests. You can find an article about almost anything. We have found some great recipes and shared a couple of our favorites also. You can find many guides on how to profit on Squidoo, both on the site and other forums.

But I think if you get involved, you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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