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The Economy Never Stops Skilled Insurance Sales Professionals

Sales people who are unsure of their abilities are quick to blame the economy when their sales slide. Skilled insurance sales professionals refuse to let a slow economy affect their sales. Find out how they excel, while others find themselves in a dead end.

Why do over 10 insurance sales people fail for everyone who succeeds? It is the way they control their attitude. their outlook. There are three types of attitude to control during an economic slowdown.. The three are the attitude you have about the economy, how you feel about your abilities and situation, and how you feel your prospects are affected regarding the economy. Two of these three you control, the other you cannot.

IT’S NOT THE ECONOMY Throughout the stages of your insurance sales career you are going to go through stages of economic growth, stagnation, and downturn. When you are not making sales, it is easiest to blame the economy. Gas prices are skyrocketing, job growth is not occurring, the stock market is not rising, and people have less money to spend are just 4 conditions you could name and blame. Here is what immediately separates the pros from the failures, no matter what you sell.

HOW YOU CONTROL THE SITUATION Skilled insurance sales professionals understand that Either you control the situation, the situation controls you, or the situation cannot be controlled. If you personally cannot control a situation, like the economy, do not let it control you. So what if the economy is on a down spin? History shows that it will always recover. Will You? The experienced sales professional can actually use it to his advantage. If gas prices are zooming upward, choose prospects to see more carefully. Giving out $10 to $20 gas certificates to your prospects before the sales presentation starts reaps financial benefits. You mention that seeing knowledgeable prospects, like them, who realize the value in _____ is beneficial. This not only saves you gas, but provides you with more time to see truly interested prospects. They want to buy from a person unshaken by the economy.

YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATION The sales person has a personal situation that must be handled properly, yet few have the sales ability to do so. It that the image you have of yourself? Are you nervous for lack of practice? Are you concerned that prospects might ask questions hard to answer? Or are you fearful of the pay that you could lose if the sale is not made?. You must have the sales ability to conquer this entirely personal situation of faith in yourself.

Picture before going into any sales situation, already having made the sale. Therefore, your presentation is only a formality. Pick out two or three products and become and expert of knowing all you can about them. Do not attempt becoming a jack-of-all-trades about 43 products. Remember that the more confident you are, the more sales you will make. Keep in mind that even super confident baseball hitters, also strike out. Nevertheless, on the next chance they feel a home run coming on.

YOUR PROSPECT SITUATION What type of prospects are you are currently pursuing? Most sales people would answer “every type”. Your answer should be “only those who can afford and would benefit from the main products I offer”. Next take a trip to a large lake or campground, and drive around the parking area. See how many of these people are similar to your clients. NEVER assume that all people let the economy rule them.

In fact, use emotions to present your product so. If your prospect fears not receiving the benefits that your product can deliver, a downturn economy should be super. You can control yourself, and your prospect. You cannot control the economy, but you can adjust your sales presentation, so it always works in your favor.

If a prospect is convinced enough that a product is beneficial, he will buy it, regardless of the economy. In turn if you are a smart enough sales person you can sell your product in any economical condition. If you are a failure at selling, scream out “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID”. Repeat it, until you realize how stupid this is to a person of your caliber.

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about the economy and sales market into just one article. However, this clearly emphasizes how important your sales ability and mind dictates what you can and cannot do about it.


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