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The First Rule of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can have a lot of pitfalls. It is also responsible for making people very wealthy. So really, what is the difference?

Well there are a number of items that can make in marketing effort successful. Some will say that it is the product and it has nothing to do with the marketer. If the vendor is set up properly to promote the product the banners, the link, and payment plan are all in place.

Some will say that it all depends on the marketing effort. It has nothing to do with the product. It is all the skill set of the marketer.

There is probably a degree of truth with both of these thought processes. For the time being we will just assume that the product is well received in the market. We will also assume that the person executing the affiliate marketing effort has sufficient skills in which to do so.

What needs to be focused on it, how the effort is actually executed. Usually when a marketing campaign starts, your motivation is at its highest. Anticipating a successful marketing campaign, all the details are closely reviewed. However, after the initial launch and as time passes less and less focus goes towards the campaign.

Eventually the campaign ends when little or no sales are being generated. Little if any review is performed on the campaign to see how it could’ve been run differently. Normally, a campaign’s success is judged truly on the amount of revenue that is brought in.

Although had the campaign results been reviewed, I believe a consistent pattern would be seen across all the marketing efforts that are being done. Since most of them follow the same cycle you should be able to see when the results start to diminish.

Normally you will see sales begin to drop around mid-way into the campaign. Meanwhile a review your efforts will probably show they were relaxed. Meaning that there is a direct coloration your affiliate efforts and generated revenue.

Instead if the marketing activities had been consistently executed generated income would have remained more at anticipated levels.

This becomes the number one rule of affiliate marketing; consistency. Consistencies in your affiliate marketing efforts are the driving force behind your home based business. With consistency you create your own brand, style and voice.

This is how you create a following or as it referred to a list in your affiliate marketing. When potential customers see a consistent message and activity from you they will be able to identify or relate with your efforts. Without the consistency, there will be nothing to relate to.

Consistency also holds true for your actual marketing. Scheduling regular Emails, promoting the same or similar products, and most importantly on a regular schedule. With these elements in place affiliate marketing efforts can be judged successfully across campaigns.

So the question for you is, how consistent is your affiliate marketing effort? Are you simply promoting a product when the spirit moves you? Or do you have a regularly scheduled affiliate marketing effort campaign schedule?

If your responses to these questions were somewhat less than positive, then your affiliate marketing efforts could use some help. To learn how to get your affiliate marketing efforts on-track, then you need to click the link below.


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