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The Future of AdSense

All over the internet there are questions being asked about the future of AdSense, what it might look like and how the system might be changed.

Currently, Google use algorithms to rank websites and to identify which ones may be suitable for advertising and these algorithms are sure to become more powerful. This has already been seen with the algorithm changes for Google search resulting in the Panda and Penguin updates and the same is sure to happen with AdSense. This is to the advantage of advertisers and publishers alike as the location of advertisements will become more appropriate to website content and less able to be manipulated by unscrupulous webmasters.

Another likely change is the introduction of even more protection against click fraud for advertisers. Google has already addressed may issues of click fraud but in the future, their systems will become even more fraud proof so that even those who disguise their IP address won’t be able to get away with the false increase of click through rate.

As part of its bid to improve products, Google has already introduced AdSense targeted to specific sites, domain blocking and smart pricing and other changes such as the ability for advertisers to have more control over where their adverts are shown. It has even been suggested that Google might integrate AdSense into television and newspapers. This might sound crazy but with so many people accessing newspapers online or via apps to iPads and so on, that it is perfectly possible.

With nearly 200,000 registered advertisers, Google will surely fine that a fair proportion of them would wish to have an offline presence but in the same form as online AdSense.

Publishers can already ban certain urls and types of advertisement from their sites but in the future, maybe they too will be able to target what adverts they do want to show by specifying keywords themselves.

Another improvement for publishers would be the ability to see which adverts are clicked on related to how that particular site visitor got to their site for example from a link on another site or from a keyword search on Google. While there is a danger that webmasters will design their sites purely to profit from AdSense, this won’t necessarily be a bad thing as they will still have to meet Google’s rules regarding content in order to qualify as a publisher.

In many cases, loyal AdSense publishers get fed up because they don’t make much of an income. However, there’s no way for them to know whether that’s because they don’t get the high paying ads that visitors want to click on due to something being wrong with their content or just because of a lack of visitors.

No matter what the future of AdSense, we can be pretty sure that it provides too good an income for Google for them to ever get rid of it.


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