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The Importance of CCNA Labs

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an important certification step in any network administrators’ career, and understanding and knowing CCNA labs will help you achieve your CCNA. Passing your CCNA exam, however, is not so simple, so working hard and understand the material is a key to passing your exam; this is why completing many labs will put in good step for the CCNA exam.

During your exam you will be required to complete several practical CCNA modules, things like setting up an IP address through to configuring a routing protocol such as RIP, OSPF or EIRGP. You will need to know how to implement such concepts as VLAN, Inter VlAN routing, NAT and DHCP. So the best way to overcome the practical CCNA modules is to have hands on practise with CCNA Labs. Most books don’t offer enough CCNA lab examples, so you need to either think up your own lab exercises or look for them on the internet.

When you have a list of exercises, you should start to practise them daily. I suggest you try to complete one lab exercise a day! Once you have finished the lab, do some basic tests, like pining from one device in the CCNA labs to another. Remember you need to be able to complete the CCNA labs without the help of any external material.

Having access to some Cisco equipment is essential! Cisco offer PacketTracer, a Cisco Routing simulator, however, it’s always best to be on the real routers for your CCNA Labs. Therefore, do some searching of the internet for some good cisco racks that you can hire. Once hired, you can connect remotely, using a program such as putty, and start to complete your lab exercises.

Lastly, keep your head down and study hard! Complete a Lab a day! And aim to have your CCNA completed by a certain date! Maybe even book the exam in now!

Best of luck with all your study!

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