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The Myth of Sales Call Reluctance

In the insurance industry, prospecting is one of the critical steps to survival. Prospecting almost automatically generates sales call reluctance. Amazing amounts of insurance agents fail at prospecting, thereby self-eliminating themselves very early in their career. Can an agent overcome sales call reluctance? Certainly, in fact I will give you a list of suggestions that the expert analysts suggest for insurance agents.


1. Stumbling over words, so you don’t express yourself right

2. Fear of interrupting someone who is doing something important

3. Delaying calling because of the fear of rejection

4. Waiting until you feel more positive and substituting less important activities

5. Confusion about handling an objection, and stopping on the first no received


1. Get your mind motivated, and do not worry about your ego being bruised

2. Make a personal commitment to stop negative judgments or self-criticism

3. You a script with bullet points to guide you along

4. Remove the pressure on calling by remembering more calls mean positive response

5. Remember the last time you about to quit calling, then made an appointment leading to a big insurance sale

THE MYTH: Overcoming sales call reluctance means you will (1) have successful prospecting, (2) leading to lots of insurance sold and (3) a longtime insurance career. 


Give me an insurance sales person with sales call reluctance. Within a few hours, I guarantee his sales call reluctance will be diminished, he will have appointments. 50% to 75% of those appointments will result in sales. I am not a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a sales coach with a ton of designations. I have been there as an insurance agent and succeeded very well. Who taught me? No one.

I simply broke all the rules of insurance sales managers. If you want to make money or improve your lifestyle, do the opposite of what almost everyone else does. Nothing overcomes sales call reluctance quicker than building confidence by having results.

My breakthrough was accomplished by paying for obtaining a list of prospects. These prospects all lived in a certain area, had a similar occupation, owned their own home, had children, and were within a certain age group. I had a simple insurance plan with two different price options that I was knowledgeable on, and would be of great benefit to my prospects. I started working smart, and overcoming sales call reluctance was not hard. My prospecting calling time was cut to averaging 6 hours a week and my sales tripled.

I threw out everything I did not need. The insurance phone script, the memorized presentation speech, the big presentation binder, my company briefcase, the calculator, and even my ties went into the garbage where they belonged. A short time later, I again broke the “insurance company golden rules”. I quit making any prospecting calls, and used a direct mail program to the same style prospects. The cost of the direct mail program was compensated by the increased time made available. I made more presentations, larger sales, refined my selling skills, and lowered my blood pressure 20 points.


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