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The Possibilities Of Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

Many online business owners can benefit from having more affiliates on their team. With a great large list of affiliates, you can have people making sales for you on autopilot. Sure you will have to share the sale with the affiliate, but you still earn a portion of the sale also, and more importantly… you get a brand new customer.

There’s no telling how much that 1 customer could be worth to you. They can either be worth 1 more backend sale to you, or be worth $5,000 or more for you. You could sign them up for your coaching and consulting services, host a yearly seminar for $1,000, or simply sell $300 and above products. Your backend customers are very important.

This is why I started my affiliate program. I know the value and power that my customer mailing list has, and I wanted to tap into this lucrative profit source so that I could start earning more money online. Hopefully you have the right mindset as I do. Nothing is better than a constant stream of new customers coming in everyday.

And this can be possible with your own affiliate program. Now it isn’t all peaches and roses when it comes to getting more affiliates. You have to do a bit of promotion to get the word out about your affiliate program. There are many sites online that allow you to do so. Two of the most popular are ClickBank and Commission Junction.

Everyday vendors are listing their product on these sites, and affiliates are promoting them right away. And when I say “right away”, I mean RIGHT AWAY. So you can easily jumpstart your affiliate program by submitting to these sites – especially ClickBank. They have a whole slew of affiliates eager to promote something that pays good, and that has potential.

Make sure you provide your affiliates with some marketing tools. I assure you that 95% of them won’t create any marketing materials for your product – which is why they won’t make any money at all. But if you want to maximize the chances of these affiliates having success – and you getting more sales… supply them with marketing tools.

Create basic content. Create a 5 series email newsletter. Create 5 articles that they can use on their site for content. Create banner ads. Create forum signatures. Create product reviews. Give them proven pay per click ads and keywords. You want to supply them with as much content as you can so that they can go and take your material, and instantly “plug” it in to their system – and earn money.

You have to do this initial work for your affiliate. This is the only way to maximize the possibility of them having success. And the more money they make, the more money you will make – it’s as simple as that. Starting your affiliate program is something that you should definitely do, and definitely put it into action right away. This is something that you don’t want to delay on.

Good luck with having success with your affiliate program.


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