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Thinking of Becoming an IT Technician? The A+ Certification May Be For You

In need of a change of a change of career? Or beginning one as an I.T technician? If you’re interested in I.T and the way computers work, the A+ certification is definitely for you.

This qualification offers you the chance for you to demonstrate your skills as a computer technician. It is run by an organisation known as CompTIA – an organisation that trains I.T technicians to maintain PC’s that use a variety of systems, including Microsoft and Apple. The A+ is more naturally orientated towards the maintenance of Microsoft operating systems, due to Microsoft’s popularity as a home and work based system, however, newer examinations also include the increasingly popular Apple operating system.

To apply for this qualification, it is generally recommended that you have already have a good understanding of Microsoft Windows and other operating systems that are found on personal computers (PC). A substantial amount of experience is also recommended; however, it may be taken as a beginner’s course as long as you have a grounded understanding of systems and hardware.

The A+ certification will teach you those ever important skills as a technician: to take apart a computer, to identify parts and to reassemble a personal computer, with either the same or a different operating system. In the module on hardware, you will learn the name of the component, its characteristics and its purpose, in order for you to understand the personal computers’ structure and where each piece belongs. Personal desktop computers are not the only focus on this certification, as it assesses how to maintain laptops and connectable hardware. You will also be taught how to protect yourself and the equipment in the work place from static electricity, as well as professional conduct.

This certification will teach you all you need to know as a technician. It is widely available online as an online course or on DVD. Prices range from 90-600 pounds, depending on format. A supplementary study guide is also available for around 40 pound.


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