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Understanding About the BlackBerry BCX-812 Certification Course

This BlackBerry BCX-812 certification examination program can be said as the development of web applications for the BlackBerry platform. This certification is designed for the candidates who wish to enhance their skills as well as knowledge on BlackBerry solutions. This certification also helps the candidates to get in to separate field that is apart from the mobile application as well as mobile devices.

Prerequisites for BlackBerry BCX-812 examination:

In order to write the BlackBerry BCX-812 examination, candidates should hold their certification with at least a passing score with BlackBerry BCX or BCP-810 examination. Apart from that candidates should have some knowledge on the following aspects and they are mandatory as well.

1) At least 2 to 3 years of work experience in the web development

2) At least 1 year of work experience in BlackBerry solution

3) Some training as per the exam guide

4) Should be familiar with the product documentation

5) Should have knowledge on accessing BlackBerry developer resources

Exam objectives for BlackBerry BCX-812:

The following are the exam objectives as well as the weightings of questions that will be asked during the examination and they are:

1) Optimization of BlackBerry enterprise solution- 13% questions

2) Browsers of BlackBerry- 10% of questions

3) Development of BlackBerry enterprise solution- 33% of questions

4) Web development tools for BlackBerry- 17% of questions

5) Widgets for BlackBerry- 20% of questions

6) Architecture- 7% of questions.

Exam structure and fee:

The exam fee is approximately 150 USD and it can be registered as well as scheduled as per your convenience by paying fee online in the BlackBerry website. Total time allotted for the examination is around 4 hours with 120 questions (on an average). All questions will be asked with multiple choices and also with drag drop questions.


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