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Want to Know a Free Way to Get Noticed and Generate Leads?

What’s one challenge most producers from beginners to veterans share? A lack of quality leads. It’s down-right frustrating.

You’ve probably tried any number of opportunities from out-and-out buying leads lists to buying out-of-the-box solutions all in an effort to get people to sell to. Some of those opportunities may have provided a few quality leads, and some probably didn’t get you even one quality person to talk to. And that’s maddening.

It makes you gun shy. But you also know there has to be something you can do to get quality prospects reaching out to you. The good news is there is.

The better news is it can be done at no cost to you other than your time investment. I already know you’re not afraid of doing the work, or you wouldn’t be a producer. So what is this ultra-secret way you can get noticed and generate leads at the same time?

It’s a press release. Yes, you can draft and submit your own press release and have your information shared with the right audience all at no financial cost to you. There are just 3 objectives to keep in mind before you draft your press release.

The first objective is to get your press release placed in the right publication or broadcasted over the right stations. You may think the right mediums are the ones with the largest audience. However, the right choice is the publication or broadcast that your best prospects pay attention to. You’re better off reaching an audience of 100 prime prospects than an audience of millions. Why? Because placement is only the first objective, but it directly relates to the second objective.

Your second objective is to get your message read, heard, or seen. To make that happen you have to have the right message. The right message is one that grabs the attention and interest of your desired audience.

Once you’ve got their attention you want to get them to act. Action is the third objective. Give them a way to respond to your press release so they’re, in effect, raising their hand telling you they’re a good prospect for you.

With these three objectives in mind you’re ready to draft your press release and send it off for placement in the venues you’ve chosen. You’ll get noticed, and you’ll trigger a first step action that identifies quality leads from that audience. Who said getting quality leads has to be hard?


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