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What Are the Advantages and Job Roles Included in the Adobe 9A0-086 Certification?

Adobe InDesign CS4 ACE is the exam name for Adobe 9A0-086 certification examinations. This certification can be said as one of the modules in the Adobe certified expert certification. After successfully completing this examination, candidates are eligible to hold the Adobe certified expert certification.

Job roles for Adobe 9A0-086 certification course:

Successful certified candidates can get placed in various job roles in top multinational companies and the following are some of the job roles included for Adobe 9A0-086 certified candidates. They are:

1) Web designer
2) Graphic designer
3) Video making professionals
4) System developers
5) System integrators

Many other job roles are also available upon successful completion of this examination and if candidates concentrate as well as work hard, then they can get placed in top most multinational companies. There are no prerequisites required for writing this examination and however it is mandatory that they should have some basic fundamental knowledge of PDF or InDesign document.

Exam objectives and the number of questions in each section:

The following are the exam objectives of Adobe 9A0-086 certification and the total number of questions asked from each section during the examination. They are:

1) Laying out a document- 18% (11 questions)
2) Working with the text- 19% (12 questions)
3) Working with the tables- 6% (4 questions)
4) Managing the graphics- 10% (6 questions)
5) Understanding the color as well as transparency- 10% (6 questions)
6) Working as well as creation of long documents- 11% (7 questions)
7) Exporting, importing, and working with the cross media- 11% (7 questions)
8) Managing printing as well as print press- 15% (9 questions)

There are 62 questions in the examination with multiple choices and no case study type questions. Time duration is approximately 120 minutes and the examination fee is about 150 USD with excluding taxes and discounts. Candidates need to score at least 70% for getting pass mark in the exam. Examination can be registered and scheduled in Pearson VUE website after paying the exam fee online.


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