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What Are the Benefits and Objectives of Checkpoint 156-703 Certification Exam?

Checkpoint’s 156-703 exam name is CPCS (checkpoint certified specialist) – connectra. This certification will help the candidates to gain knowledge and skills on CPCS-connectra. The prerequisites required for the candidates to write this examination is either checkpoint 156-215.1 or checkpoint 156-215.65.


Checkpoint certification is used in several fortune companies all over the world and candidates can easily get their job with high paid salary as soon as they complete their certification.

Exam objectives:

The following are the exam objectives of checkpoint 156-703 and they are:

1) Compare as well as contrast the connectra client side and server side security features.

2) Comparing the connectra’s deployment in the DMZ versus a LAN.

3) Creating necessary rules that are based to the control communication and traffic for both LAN as well as DMZ deployment

4) Performing initial configuration and installation of connectra that is based on the requirements.

5) Defining admin portal features and menu items.

6) Defining and configuration the device options in the administration portal

7) Configuring SSL network extender for application and network modes

8) Defining and configuration web data compression

9) Configuring authorizing and authentication settings for internal as well as external user groups

10) Defining and configuration of protection level settings

11) Defining and configuration of internal as well as external user groups

12) Creating RADIUS, LDAP and SecurID servers and user groups

13) Discussing and configuration of web application

14) Discussing and configuration of web mail services

15) Configuring file shares

16) Configuring network application under network mode

17) Configuring citrix services

18) Defining and configuring client certification and server certificate

19) Log in to the connectra with the certificate signed

20) Configuring SmartDefense for network security protection

21) Configuring SmartDefense for protection of application intelligence

22) Configuring the protection of web intelligence

23) Configuring Integrity secure work place and confirming the client side functionality

24) Configuring ICS for scanning threats for protection to meet the requirements

25) Compare and contrast the client verification scanning options for connectra client

26) Testing client side behavior while applying for security protection

27) Installing and configuring connectra database in SmartDashboard

28) Configuring remote log server

29) Troubleshooting LDAP error message using the logged data

30) Creating a snapshot image of connectra and revert back with the saved images.


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