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What Are the Steps Involved in Certifying With Apple 9L0-403 Certification Exam?

Apple 9L0- 403 certification exam name can be said as “The Mac OS X support essentials 10.6 exam.” This exam is one of the computer based exams that are awarded from the Apple authorizing centers as well as the prometric test centers. This is the only examination for the candidates that is required to pass in order to become as an ACSP 10.6 professional. For becoming an ACTC (Apple certified technical coordinator) professional, candidates should pass in both Apple 9L0- 403 as well as Mac OS X server essential examinations.

Examination objectives:

The following are the objectives of the Apple 9L0- 403 examination and they are:
1) Installation and configuration procedures
2) User accounts
3) Automation as well as command line
4) File systems
5) Data management and its backups
6) Boot camp and the applications
7) Configuration of networks
8) Networking services
9) Printing as well as peripherals
10) Start up processes

Examination fee:

The cost for this examination is approximately 60 to 200 USD. In some countries, exam fee varies because of the specific countries as well as regions. There are some taxes included in certain countries and beta exams are free of cost in all regions. Totally the examination comprises of 86 questions with multiple choice questions and there are no case study type questions.

Languages available:

Apple certification examinations can be registered in any of the AATC centers or prometric centers. There are several language options that are offered to write the apple examinations and if your language option is not found in the list, then you should take up this examination in English. Candidates writing the examination apart from English can ask for 30 minutes extra time but generally, the examination is approximately 120 minutes. If you are going to write exam in any other language apart from English, then it has to be mentioned during the time of registration or at least 14 days before the commencement of examination.


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