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What is the Minimum Eligibility For Writing the HP2-Z06 Examination?

The HP2-Z06 examination name is HP ProCurve AIS 2010 delta exam. This is one of the HP certifications that helps the candidates to gain knowledge about the skills of HP products and also assures the competencies of successful HP professionals. This certification program will suit best the candidates who wish to upgrade their new AIS HP ProCurve networking certification (Current year- 2010).

Qualifications for this examination to the candidates:
For writing this examination candidates should have their minimum of 1 year of work experience in the field of designing intermediate switched and mobility networks as well as in the basic routing techniques. Apart from this prerequisite candidates should also have basic knowledge in the following and they are:
Basic configuration CLI commands
Basic possibilities in switch management such as TelNet as well as Web GUI
Concepts of VLAN’s and other services in IP such as SNTP
Link aggregation technologies or LACP and STP or preventing loop technologies
Basic routing technologies in IP
WLAN’s mobility and management in networks
Exam objectives and percentage question from each content:
The following are the HP2- Z06 exam objectives as well as the possible number of questions in each subject. They are:
Basics in switch setup- 18% questions
Managing the configuration files as well as the switch software- 10% questions
Configuring IP services and the VLAN’s- 14% questions
Link aggregation configuring- 7% questions
Spanning tree configuring- 10% questions
IP routing configuring- 8% questions
Network design introduction-3% questions
Getting started with the ProCure network management-13% questions
Getting started with the HP ProCure mobility- 17% questions

The above exam objectives will help the candidates to practice well for the examination. The recommended study guide is available from the HP learning center and candidates can buy those study guides for the preparation of exam and even candidates can buy some EBooks or other study guides from reputed websites like testking.com.


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