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When You Help Clients You Increase Sales – Selling Insurance

When you think about helping clients you may think about helping individuals with insurance protection, helping companies with benefits packages, and helping people with investment tools. Yep, those are definitely ways you can help clients. So why don’t more people let you help them?

Frustrating isn’t it?

Before you can talk to them about helping them you have to get their interest and attention. Therein lies the problem. Rarely does anyone want to talk about insurance or investments.

They do want to talk about the outcomes and results they want and how to get those outcomes. When you change the way you talk to talking about things they’re interested in you notice an immediate spark of interest, and you grab their attention. Getting their interest and attention is just what you want.

Increasing sales isn’t just important to you it’s important to some of your clients. If you’re clients tend to be sales people or business owners increasing sales is definitely something that will peak their interest. What if you could do something to increase their sales?

In all likelihood you can if you just focus on it. Before you can help a potential client increase their sales you must understand what they are selling and who they sell it to. Isn’t there an easy way to do that?

I’ve never met a sales person or business owner who wouldn’t give you the time of day to share that information with you. It goes without saying you must be absolutely sincere in your interest to increase their sales. You’ll be amazed how often you know someone the other person would like to know, or you know someone within an organization they’d like to access.

All you have to do is connect the dots.

Have you noticed when someone does something nice and selfless for you how you feel about that person? You feel good about them and you want to do something to return the favor. In your case that might come in the form of them asking you about what you do and how that might benefit them.

It also may result in them opening doors for you. In either case you enjoy a mutually respectful and mutually beneficial relationship. You both have an interest in maintaining and sustaining that relationship.

Is this the quickest easiest route to increased sales? No. It takes time and effort to make it work.

But it’s a highly productive route. It’s a route that positions you as a valuable person to know not a pesky sales person. It’s a route that gets you connected not just through one-on-one connections, but one that can get you “in” with an entire group of people.

You can definitely increase your sales and sell more insurance by helping people. It doesn’t hurt to expand your perception of help to extend beyond products. It doesn’t hurt to add increase sales opportunities into your marketing mix resulting in yet another source of highly qualified prospects.


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