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Why You Should Be Selling More Insurance Now Than Ever?

Why should you be selling more insurance now in spite of all the bum news outside your control? You should be selling more now exactly because of all those things that are outside of your control, and outside of your prospect’s and client’s control. People are people.

Even during the great depression people still fell in love and got married, had children, had medical needs, and died. When you can help people do these things well, when you can make those things easier you have opportunities. You have better opportunities now because of the very things that everyone is talking about.

The first step to selling more insurance is talking about what you can do for people not talking to them in terms of insurance products. Rather you must be talking about the outcomes people want in terms of the things your prospects are already talking about. You want to focus on an existing desire you don’t want to try and create a desire where one doesn’t already exist.

Use high gas prices and concern for the environment to your advantage. Make it easier for prospects and clients to do business with you without either of you having to drive to do it. How can you change the way you do business to better serve your clients?

Taxes are something everyone worries about. Nearly everyone feels their tax burden is greater than it should be. Is there a way for you to provide a tax reduction along with the outcome your prospects want?

Young adults will still attend college. The elderly who can’t take care of their daily activities for living will still go to nursing homes. What can you do to minimize these costs? What can you do to protect assets?

There are still people with large amounts of liquid assets. Do you have high-yielding alternatives? Do those alternatives decrease taxes? Do those alternatives provide for a stable retirement income?

You know what happens when people get scared? They have a strong desire to regain control of their future. One of the ways they seek to regain this control is through education.

That opens the door for you to provide that education. When you become the source of knowledge rather than a sales person you put yourself in a position to sell more insurance with less effort than you’ve probably ever experienced.

Some of the people in your market are facing home foreclosures. Can you reduce the financial damage?

No man is an island. Who can you partner with to form a complete solution to the problems facing your prospects?

People are mad about high gas prices, their mad about rising taxes, and their mad about inadequate medical coverage. Get mad with them, and show them how to strike back. Show them how to be the victor not the victim.

When you know how to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and speak to them about what they want to hear you’ll sell more insurance. They’ll even reach out and contact you because you now have something they want. They’ll never want an insurance product, but they’ll always want to get what they want. Find out how you can make this happen for you by checking out the book below.


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