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Why You Should Consider a Car Insurance Agent

We all know the benefits of shopping around, no matter what we’re in the market for. But comparing prices, familiarizing yourself with procedure, calling and asking questions these are all very time consuming, work-intensive projects. Sometimes it’s easier to cut corners and simply choose something that looks good, rather than spend a month doing research. However, when it comes to auto insurance, resist the urge to blindly pick a policy and be done with it. Insurance (of any kind) is one area where a bad policy can be absolute torture, while a good policy can be an answer to prayers. The easiest way to get the best auto insurance service with the least amount of hassle is through the auto insurance agent.

The choice between going though an agent for coverage, or going directly through the insurance companies, is one of delayed- verses instant-gratification. While it might seem easier to simply buy an online policy, you’re sacrificing short term convenience for long-term service. If you have an agent, especially a local agent, you can combine home, health, and auto insurance into one policy that saves you time an money. You also have someone who understands your family, your situation, and your belongings, and can give personalized advice. With an agent, you don’t feel like you’re concerns are unimportant, and there are much fewer botches and oversights.

That isn’t to say online websites aren’t a huge asset. In fact, before you speak to an agent, online insurance websites are a brilliant way for you to familiarize yourself with the competition. An entire industry of websites such as Geico, Progressive, and E-Surance provide and compare insurance quotes within seconds. This is a good idea to get a feeling for rates and prices, so you’ll know if an insurance agent is getting you the right deal.

Choosing to use a car insurance agent doesn’t mean you don’t have to shop around. You still have to pick an auto insurance company, which is why online websites are so useful. Larger, more comprehensive companies offer a great way to put all of your insurance needs under one roof, with the minimum amount of hassle. You might save more money if you go to a questionable online insurance site, but if there’s an accident, you don’t want to be told there’s a problem with your policy. You want to speak to your agent, someone who knows you, and can address your concerns. The price is worth it.


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