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Working Online Rated Best Job in the US

NBC News recently put out information from a study that showed the best jobs available in the United States. Interestingly enough, working online as an affiliate is the top job.

When first checking the chart and reading the information given, I became very skeptical. Emergency room doctors, lawyers, and even anesthesiologists were lower on the chart! Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are well up the list but below online affiliates.


After doing more research on what being an internet affiliate really meant, I became a believer.

Here are the top 3 reasons why working online can give you the best job ever.


There is no bigger market than the online world. Almost everyone has access to the internet, and more business is done online then anywhere on the planet. Entry is also not a problem. There is no need for degrees, papers, or achievements. In matter of fact, many billionaires created their companies without a formal education.

As businesses online grows, the opportunity for employment does as well. The market/customers online is tremendous. It will also never run out. Affiliate marketing will exist as long as businesses do. Social media has also created opportunities to every person of every kind. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google hold the greatest marketing value ever known to mankind.

Absolute Satisfaction

This is probably the most distinguished reason why working online is the best job. Who doesn’t want to work where they want to work? As long as you have a computer (and now the increasing mobile industry), you can work on your bed, the coffee shop, an office, the Laker game, ANYWHERE.

There are no annoying coworkers, no clock in, no trip to work, NOTHING. It’s so unbelievable because the norm of work has been engraved in society.

Good pay

There are no way people who work online for fewer hours make more money than me right?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for internet workers is around 80,000$ a year. WOW! Considering the average American get 44,000$ a year this is just mind blowing.

Even with all this amazing information, there has to be some catch right? Yes of course. Anyone who is telling you otherwise is lying to you.

The biggest problem with working online is the fact that there are too many opportunities. People create many scam businesses and it’s so hard to find a reputable resource. It takes much research, trial and error, and commitment to find the right job online. Like all jobs in the US, experience is golden.


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