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Imagine using your insurance website to generate free insurance leads, and free insurance clients. With a few minor changes you will have clients finding your internet site and providing you with insurance leads for free. The magic is making the few changes explain here. Why pay, when you can get the internet to send traffic to your website to start receiving free insurance leads from interested people?

Where are you when no one in the world, outside your close circles, knows that you exist? Certainly lost in the internet twilight zone! The internet is the wizard to magically create miracles and more buying visitors. Therefore you search around for a company that builds websites. Next, you hire a somewhat costly website design firm to create your website to appear on the internet. With their amazing artistic talents your firm’s website looks like a true gem.


Your website is only being visited by associates and clients, locating it by your company name. After a year you still do not have many new visitors The website designers only do what you tell them. That is to make a beautiful looking website, and get it posted on the internet. They were not paid to, or lacked the knowledge of making behind the scenes code changes. This pile of the many missing pieces keeping you from becoming a competing force against other websites appearing on the internet. In turn keeping you from getting free insurance leads.


These are suppose to be honest search engine firms. But if they solicited you, automatically you should know making quick money is their incentive. Making your insurance website so that visitors search out your site to buy your product is a lesser priority. The most common scam used is to get your insurance website listed with 1,300 to 3,000 search engines, search directories, meta crawlers, and directory portals.

For a special price today of $287.00 the scam artists are going to get you automatically submit all these directories. When Google controls 60% of traffic, and Yahoo, MSN, and Ask 30%, it means you just got ripped off. It takes them 10 minutes to use a well known program to instantly submit your website to the other directories. To get listed on hundreds of search engines and directories with millions of sites does NOT mean traffic. Please beware of the operators that charge a few hundred to $1,000 to get you a top ten listing on Google.

Here are the 5 Easy to Implement SEARCH OPTIMIZATION MUSTS – FREE

The first two are so simple, yet highly effective techniques that rarely even a SEO PRO uses


Let’s say your firm is named, “Jones and Smith Insurance”. Your major product sales come from selling Long Term Care Insurance. How in the universe (internet) do expect someone to come to your site interested in purchasing Long Term Care Insurance? Your site domain name is probably jonessmithinsurance.com, and the title of your insurance website is Jones and Smith Insurance. When it comes to a description of your site, likely none was written.

Unless your ego is so bloated, you have to make a decision. Do want your insurance website collecting mold with no visitors? Or would you finally enjoy FREE insurance leads from visitors seeing your insurance website listing and then visiting your website to inquire about buying, TO CORRECT #1. Your top insurance key words MUST be right into your new domain name. Pay $10 to $25 and get a new domain name that sparks up flames. Using long-term-care-insurance.com gives Google and Yahoo key words to evaluate and list your site above those with domain names using too common keywords. Other example would be word examples like illinois-professional-financial-plans, or chicago-annuity-investment-advisors, or national-individual-major-medical.


Your website title should be no more than 5 or 6 words. The website title should use keywords reflecting what you are selling. Therefore “Individual Long Term Care Insurance Sales”, or National individual major medical insurance would be an effective and terrific website title. This notifies Google and Yahoo that you are selling insurance and what type. Information they need to list your site higher than others without a descriptive title.


Here you have 2 to 3 sentences to name your company and what product you are promoting. Find you if you currently even have a description. Hit View on your page header and then select page source, look for this a few lines down. It should read exactly: meta name=”description” content=” “. If it is missing, YOU MUST copy and paste it in using your website editor. Again you want to help Google by using key words in your description. Here is as sample for the above insurance website. Put this in between the quote marks. “Jones and Smith Insurance of Boston is top seller of long term care insurance. We ofter a variety of top rated long term care products for people aged 50 and over.


These word phrases are critical guidelines man top search engines view to understand what you are offering. Always use 3 to 4 word combinations and probably six are enough. Hit View on your page header and then select page source, look for this a few lines down. It should read exactly: meta name=”keywords” content=” “. If it is missing, YOU MUST copy and paste it in using your website editor. For the above website, put in between the blanks something like – long term care insurance, Chicago ltc insurance policies, best long term care,senior insurance coverage, Chicago senior income protection, senior ltc insurance


Remove all the fancy pictures and designs. If you want to help the search engines, there is only one way to do so. Provide them instead with a 300 or more word description of what insurance products and services that you offer. Make sure you use all of the keyword phrases mentioned above twice in your paragraphs. This is the main page read by internet searches. Your keywords should be the words you want them to type in to visit your site. Long keyword phrases, like those in the example above, are what provide you with phone calls and emails. In other words, free insurance leads by following the simple 5 corrections.

Of 500,000 insurance websites of all varieties, you could certainly climb the ladder in your ranking position. With 12,000,000 pages listed in Google for long term care insurance you certainly have some stiff competition. These 5 rarely used tips, applied as mentioned, alone will move you up. Depending upon your skill, for your detailed search word phrases you can easily end up in the #10 to #100 position.

There are another 2 dozen or so tricks and tips in website optimization to get you where the traffic flows. Applying all might land you that coveted number 1 to 20th position for “long term care insurance”. I apply the advice given here and our site is in the top 1st to 18th position on over 200 key phrases for Google. All our internet inquiry leads are FREE. Likewise you should be getting free internet insurance leads and free insurance clients.

Invest in making your internet website produce income back to you.


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