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You’ve Been Burned – Does That Mean You Stop Trying?

Show me a producer who can’t earn a decent living as long as they have a full appointment book, and I’ll show you a bumbling idiot. If you hold enough appointments with enough people even the worst salesperson in the world will sell someone something on a fairly regular basis. If it were only that easy there’d be even more producers than there are now, and those producers would be selling more insurance.

You want to sell more insurance too, and you aren’t a bumbling idiot. If you just had more people to talk to you’d increase your insurance sales. You’d earn a respectable income. You’d gain the admiration and respect of your family and peers.

So what do you do to secure more appointments? Some of you have tried purchasing lists of email leads, mailing leads, and calling leads. But those didn’t work very well because you didn’t have anything to say that would lead anyone to want to meet with you.

Some have turned to out-of-the box solutions that have led other producers to great success. Yet, for some reason your results didn’t even come close to the original producer. They obviously work for some people, but those solutions aren’t working for you.

At this point you may be really frustrated even angry. You may think everyone is out to get you. You may think everyone just wants to take your money. You may think you can’t trust anyone. But where does that leave you?

You can’t just give up you have a business to run, bills to pay, and a family counting on you. And going it alone isn’t working too well either. The advice you get from your sales manager and peers is helping about as much as getting dating advice from Grandma.

Before you throw the baby out with the bath water you need to accept there are 3 misses on your part that are keeping you from selling more insurance. These misses are: misunderstanding, misapplication, and missing your gaps. When you cover your misses all your marketing efforts will immediately improve.

Marketing communications that work do so for very specific reasons. When your marketing efforts don’t work you can chalk up your failures to your misunderstanding of: the marketing plan, your target market, and what makes any marketing communication work. When you clear up your misunderstandings you’ll immediately increase your insurance sales.

Misapplication involves small differences in the way things are done. If you’ve ever done telemarketing you know you can have two telemarketers randomly calling from the same calling list using the same script yet one telemarketer will consistently outperform the other when on the surface it doesn’t make logical sense. Yet, if you listened in on both their calls you’d immediately notice big differences in the tone, pace, and pauses used to deliver the same message.

The previous misses lead to the final miss, and that’s your inability to see the gaps between what you’re doing and what you’re supposed to be doing. Those seemingly tiny insignificant differences make all the difference in your results. You make them because of your lack of understanding and inexperience with correct application.


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