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Award Winning Training in the Creative IT Industry

With over 13 years of experience of creating training products for creative and innovative minds in the creative IT industry, creative computer based training businesses have unsurprisingly received multiple awards for their video expertise and their professional training programmes. They always aim to produce up-to-date training resources for the already qualified professional and the beginner hobbyist in the creative industry.

Computer based training manufacturers have in the last few years won many national and international awards, including the Aurora award – an award for competitors in the film and visual industry. It specifically recognises films and visually fantastic programmes, which have been produced by businesses in the creative industry. Not only have CBT providers won awards, but they gained Gold and even – Platinum status! They have also won awards in the interactive media industry, which recognises the excellence and the hard work that goes into educational training software.

Creative training providers offers comprehensive training resources in web design, Adobe technologies, Microsoft technologies, animation, audio technology, graphic design and computer aided design. These programmes are the finest in the industry, and are constantly used and recommended by professionals. Training yourself in one of the creative industries areas will demonstrate to future employers your willingness to learn, to constantly improve, as well as validate your knowledge as a creative professional.

Computer based training is the perfect home based learning tool that incorporates memorable visuals, comprehensive instructions and an interactive and user friendly interface. It enables you to pause, bookmark modules or even skip ahead, giving you total control and power over the learning process! You will never feel stuck or bored by a tutorial ever again with interactive computer based training software.

Award winning software from training providers will empower you to use creative programs to their utmost. Not only will you learn the basics, but professional presenters will provide you with tips and hints, enabling you to use the program to its maximum capabilities.

Training software will enable you to learn new skills and concepts in the creative industry. So whether, you wish for a career change or just enjoy being creative, a training guide can help you to get the necessary skills, without leaving your house.


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