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Cheaper Life Insurance – Bypass Agents & Get Cheap Life Insurance Rates?

Cheaper life insurance is available. Get cheap life insurance rates on the internet. Warning: Does buying cheaper life insurance save money with low, cheap life insurance rates? Or does bypassing agents cost you in needed benefits or rates that increase? Find out. Sales agents have an obligation to tell every client they originally sold, to call them before making another purchase.

Sure when you get cheaper insurance quotes on the internet. It always sounds smart and convenient. However, in reality, cheap life insurance rates always hides a danger, and purchasing without an agent’s advice is even riskier.


Does cutting out the agent save you money. Possibly. This is why internet insurance companies give cheap life insurance rates, quoting their policies with seemingly affordable pricing and convenient service. The client thinks there are automatic savings by virtue of dealing direct with the company headquarters. NO OUTSIDE AGENT INVOLVED seemingly would cut your premium costs way down.

But the insurance company is still using agents (in house), plus providing them with costly office space. Lower cost insurance often means more loopholes in coverage. The insurance company is not going to give up making money by offering cheap life insurance rates that are not as profitable. In fact they might sell a 5 year term, on of the cheapest life insurance policy rates available. However the premium costs jump every 5 years,

ALL Insurance is Good, UNTIL you Have to Use it!

I purchased homeowners insurance on a primary home for 35 years. In addition I own a large cottage house, paying coverage for 25 years. That adds up to 60 years of payments. I thought, my coverage was with the highest rated and fairest insurance company. I felt safe. Low and behold, in my cottage house the upstairs water pipes bursts, and shoots water everywhere including the attic. Damage to the attic, roof, upper floor rooms, all lower floor areas, plus the downstairs walkout level exceeds $50,000. With a flimsy excuse the company denies the claim. 13 months later I am still stuck with the total bill. I bought the lowest cost insurance, and in turn received zero benefits.

The cheap life insurance quote may have only benefits matched with companies selling coverage at the highest cost. Another trick of cheap life insurance rates, is to include their rate only with competitors that sell at a higher cost. This automatically makes their price seem the lowest cost. Hopefully the policy you purchased is the best policy of the market suited to your needs and budgets. Probably a lot of bells and whistles riders profitable to the insurance company have been included.

There are serious questions to ask yourself. First, why am I buying this, instead of 50 policy mixtures that might be better suited? With term insurance, are the premiums going to increase, stay level, or end after a certain policy time? Who is going to discuss any changes in health or lifestyle circumstances that will later effect your needs? The internet company might by pushing their term policy that has proved to be not necessary the best, but the most profitable to sell. Your needs in the next 5 years will change, but will your policy?

With life coverage on yourself, their will only ever be one claim made. You will never know if your benefits paid out as expected. There could have been a small print clause you never read inserted into the policy. Why not first check what an experienced life insurance agent would recommend in your price range. If the solution is still skeptical to you, then contact the internet source. Don’t be overly trustworthy, both companies are going to make a profit. A good agent can customize coverage to what suits you and trims away the fat. Which one will YOU profit by most, the cheapest life insurance, or the lowest cost one designed for your needs and desires.

The decision to get cheap life insurance rates and quotes should be countered by contacting also a local independent insurance agent. This way you get the coverage and benefits you feel are important.

The logic here is to make the smartest decision. Perhaps your neighbor goes to the bakery and buys donuts that are not eaten till late the next day. You go to the same bakery and buy similar donuts that are half price, and all are eaten the same day. You made a smart decision. Make sure the decision you make about your life insurance is smart, not just cheap.


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