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The Kill Zone for Captivating Prospects – Free Adjectives List


Gossip publications and magazine ads constantly rely on a long list of passionate titles to capture your interest. Likewise you must manipulate emotions to stir up the prospects emotions.

The prospect’s attention starts instantly with your dramatic headline. Lose the curiosity here, and you lose the prospective client. Over 30% of insurance agent mailers do not provide a head turning headline. They try to use the headline to sell. The headline’s purpose is to attract and hold interest only! Reaching the kill zone, involves giving emotional benefits received from using your extraordinary product Your insurance prospects want to know what benefits they receive by buying your policy.

Having a dependable list of adjectives handy, serves as a experienced guideline to writing your sales piece. This forces you to continue adding stirring adjectives to your sentences. You must guide and open up your client emotions and attention. Don’t be afraid to use strong adjectives like elated, crazy, bold, or exuberant in your sentences. Try it yourself; injecting beefy adjectives of elated, crazy, bold, exuberant to make an emotion statement benefiting your prospects. Hear is an example of using all 4 in one sentence “Your might venture to think I am a bold and crazy agent, but when all your medical bills are paid, your elated relief and exuberant smile will beam.”


The kill zone ends with an insurance prospect replying to your offer. Is your direct marketing piece aggressive enough to go for the kill zone? The salesperson trusts considerable responses will merely flow in. Many a costly direct mail campaign was ruined by the established, yet not competent letter writer. They forgot the kill zone close requires crucial wording to capture the insurance prospect. You must tell the prospect to reply right now, or the offer is limited. Provide an incentive for replying immediately. Just adding a phone number provides measly bait Use kill zones techniques to make a creative competent insurance mailer.

Below is the first list of 50 free adjectives.

Adventurous, aggressive, anticipating, assertive, attractive, attentive, authoritative, awesome, beastly, bewildered, Blessed, bloody, boiling, bumpy, candid, captivating, changing, charming, cheap, chic, chilly, clever, closing, clueless, colorful, colossal, combative, comfortable, committed, compassionate, competent, complex, complicated, confident, conforming, considerate, convincing, cooperative, costly, courteous, crazy, creative, credibly, creepy, crowded, curious, dangerous, daring, deafening, and decisive.

This 51 word adjectives list follows.

Dedicated, defiant, deliberate, delightful, dependable, deserving, desirable, determined, devoted, different, dignified, diplomatic, exuberant, discreetly, distinct, disturbed, domineering, doubtful, dull, dynamic, eagerly, earnest, frantic, economical, dry, educative, efficient, elated, elegant, embarrassed, encouraging, energetic, enlightening, enormous, enterprising, effortless, entertaining, enthusiastic, envious, established, excellent, exceptional, expensive, fabulous, faithful, famous, fancy, fantastic, fascinating, fertile, focused, and free.


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