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The Secret to Getting a Car Loan

You probably need, or want a new car. Maybe you don’t have a car at all, or maybe you just want a new one. Just because the economy can’t afford a car loan, doesn’t mean you can’t. The first thing you need to do is secure a car loan. With the current economy, however, you may be feeling like that new car, truck or SUV is just out of the question right now. That may not necessarily be true.

There are several different kinds of auto loans to consider and many different ways to go about getting them. The key is to find out which one suits you, so that you can drive away in that shiny new truck you’ve been looking at for months.

– Know what kind of car loan you’re looking at. There are several different kinds of auto loans out there now, from bad credit car loans to traditional new car loans. You can get your loan online or from your bank or credit union. It’s a good idea to shop around for the best interest rate and make sure it’s fixed.

– Know your credit standing. If you have bad credit, you’re probably aware of it already, but it can make all the difference in how much you can be financed for. The SUV you want might cost $35 thousand and you may only be able to get an auto loan for $15 thousand. That’s a huge difference and a huge amount of car. If you’re not willing to wait until your credit is better to buy a new auto, you may want to consider a bad credit car loan, which usually requires a little more of a down payment and has a higher interest rate.

– Get pre-approved for your car loan. It won’t do you any good to go drive that lovely new Ford if you don’t know if you can get the financing needed to buy it. Consider going through your current bank or credit union for an auto loan and arrange auto withdrawal for the payments. This can help you get the pre-approval you need, and get you a lower interest rate on your car loan. Explore all your options before you buy, so you’ll know exactly what kind of car loan you’re getting into and all the fees you’ll be paying. Be prepared to have money down and don’t hesitate to look into the dealer financing, too.

– Many major car manufacturers offer financing through them. Ford, GMAC and Honda all have credit programs that your dealer may be able to offer.

– Don’t feel like you have to use up every dollar you’ve been approved for. Once you’re approved, this gives you some bargaining power with dealerships. Use it. If you’re already pre-approved for a $30 thousand dollar auto loan, don’t feel like you have to get a more expensive vehicle just because the lender says you can have the funding. Make it a point to choose a car that won’t break your budget. Keep your payments as low as you can so that you can pay off your new automobile more quickly than the terms of the loan dictate.

The important thing with car loans is that you not overextend yourself and make sure to shop around to get the right financing for your situation. With a little research, you can be easily financed for the car you’ve been wanting and not struggle to pay for the car loan each month.


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