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Why Companies Need Ethical Hacking and Better Cyber Security

Judging by the title, many company owners and heads of the technology departments are scratching their heads and wondering why they would want to be hacked. There are a great many people who have never heard of ethical hacking and who only think that hacking is a horrible thing and something to avoid. The fact is that this type of interference in a computer system can actually save a company millions!

One of the most important reasons for ethical hacking is for security purposes. How can a company know just how safe their in house network is against truly damaging hacking? A company can hire a cyber security experts that will hack into the network and find the insecure areas so that the company can take the necessary steps to make sure they become more secure. Checking for security leaks covers two distinct areas. These are threats from actual hacking into employee or customer files and leaks that allow in viruses that can shut down an entire network in just minutes. Both of these leaks can cost a company a great deal of money, so this is a very important service. Typically the individuals performing these tasks are knowledgeable in cyber security and trained as ethical hackers.

A company that is hacked or attacked by cyber criminals is going to lose business as their customers are going to lose faith in them. If the customers do not feel that their information or personal details are completely safe, they are not going to purchase products or services anymore. This can break a company in just a few weeks of the information being taken. Viruses can be even more damaging. While personal information that is stored may not be shared out this way, the stored information can be lost along with other important documents such as invoices, payroll and company records that are archived. It only takes one virus to wipe out an entire hard drive full of data.

The other reason for conducting this type of approved computer breach is to train the IT personnel to spot these weaknesses on their own and to keep them up to date on the latest security software. When there are employees who can spot these holes in the security, then they can be caught much quicker. The problem can be alleviated before it becomes an issue and no records are going to be lost or stolen. The technology in computer systems and networks is constantly advancing. Older systems must be patched. Companies need to stay up to date by hiring penetration testing companies to conduct ethical hacking to ensure that the network is safe and protected. Having personnel who can also do this is a wise choice for any company that relies on a computer network for day-to-day business.


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